Painting for a Purpose: Rescue Mission of Middle Georgia

Posted on July 29, 2016 by Stevie Griffin

"The Mission is focused on helping all men, women, and children through Christ. It is critical now more than ever that we work with the local community and our friends and supporters to provide hope, redemption, and empowerment to those who come our way, along with the tools and encouragement necessary to rebuild their lives."
The Mission is not simply a shelter, but a place of recovery and permanent life change through the Men's Life Recovery Program. Through the Women's Domestic Violence Program, women leave the Mission with strength and confidence, no longer trapped in a cycle of violence and codependence. Staff members of the Mission also speak to organizations, raising awareness about poverty, addiction, homelessness, and domestic violence.
Find out more about what they do and how you can participate by visiting their website!

Painting for a Purpose: Truth Spring Academy, Columbus, GA

Posted on July 28, 2016 by Stevie Griffin

Several years ago Truth Spring held a neighborhood meeting where we discussed the strengths and weaknesses of the North Highland community. In that meeting the question was raised, if you could change one thing about the neighborhood what would it be? Although the neighbors could have listed any number of things ranging from crime rates to addiction to poverty, their main concern was for the children of the community. The neighborhood as a whole expressed concerns because the children seemed to be gravitating towards the ways of the street. Many of them, by 3rd and 4th grade, were already being sent to the alternative school and beginning to walk a path that led toward drugs, violence, poverty, and, even worse, prison. After leaving the meeting that day one thing was determined, there had to be an alternative to the alternative school.

On August 10th, 2015 when Truth Spring Academy opened its doors for the very first time. The mission of the school is to rebuild a foundation of Christ-centered living by offering a quality, Christian education that focuses on challenging academics, character development, and servant leadership. Truth Spring wants to reconnect the relationship that has been severed between child and family, family and school, and school and community. As we focus on these goals we believe that we will begin to see the children living in North Highland begin to fulfill their God-given destinies. Through all of this, Truth Spring desires to restore hope to our community and city by proving that demography does not determine one’s destiny.

To find out more about Truth Spring Academy and their community, visit their website!

Painting for a Purpose: Naomi's Village, Maai Mahiu, Kenya

Posted on July 26, 2016 by Teil Duncan

“We believe the solution to this crisis lies within Kenya. Our vision is to empower a group of children to grow up to be part of the answer to the cries of their orphaned peers. To this end, our children need more than just the basics, the subsistence life normally provided in a typical African orphanage.
At Naomi’s Village, we provide nurturing love, healthcare, proper nutrition, excellent education, leadership training, spiritual care, and individual counseling to each child. Our children receive all that a child needs to develop fully, and to dream unhindered by limits. Our home is the kind of home your own child could live in.
As our kids heal and grow, we then engage them in serving the needy along with us. By doing so, we are field-training a core group of empathetic leaders to grow up and multiply God’s redemptive work in Kenya through similar ministries of their own.
Only then, when Kenyans are catalyzed to solve their own crisis, will the number of orphans begin to decline. “

See their website for more information, their current needs, and how you can participate!

Painting for a Purpose: Mercy Med, Columbus, GA

Posted on July 25, 2016 by Stevie Griffin

In response to God’s grace, Mercy Med "desires to be a part of the redemptive work of Christ to the economically, socially and spiritually impoverished communities by proclaiming Jesus Christ as Lord and to demonstrate His love by providing affordable, quality, primary healthcare for the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of the underserved in Columbus, Georgia and the surrounding area. Our primary means for accomplishing our goal is through a health center which provides excellent care physically, emotionally and spiritually.  We work hand-in-hand with existing ministries as well as help create new ministries as needed to bring Christ to the poor, crippled, blind and lame.

As a community of Believers, we envision and earnestly long for the heart of Christ to be developed in us so that we might truly love our neighbor and redeem lives in the communities in and around Columbus, Georgia. If our hearts are not first healed by Christ, our labor will be in vain.  All that we do is for the Glory of God."

Visit Mercy Med's website to find out more! See here to find out how you can help. 

Painting for a Purpose: Downtown Academy, Athens, GA

Posted on July 24, 2016 by Teil Duncan

The mission of Downtown Academy is "to provide children of inner-city Athens, Georgia an excellent and rigorous Christ-centered education that builds knowledge, character, and purpose. Providing small class sizes and high quality instruction, our children will continue to see academic growth and success that will equip them with the knowledge and learning skills required to achieve at any level. Infusing the day with the Gospel in both word and deed, our children grow in character to develop those traits that will empower them to set and achieve their goals, become leaders in their communities, families, and places of work.

However, we also understand that if our children grow up having acquired all the knowledge, riches, and power in the world yet do not understand that their ultimate purpose is to glorify God in humble obedience and love, they will have gained nothing at all. Orienting our purpose as a school around glorifying God by removing the geographic and economic barriers that keep so many children and families from such a quality education is one way we seek to love and obey as an organization."


Visit Downtown Academy's website for more information and see here if you are interested in giving financially to such a worthy cause. 

Painting for a Purpose

Posted on July 18, 2016 by Teil Duncan

We've titled this next series, Painting with a Purpose. We'll be releasing 5 beach paintings - one each day starting on Monday, July 25th. 
All of the proceeds from each painting will be given to a specific organization, all of which are doing incredible things for the good of others.
Check in here on the blog to learn details about each organization, the difference they're making, and how you can participate!

Final Beach Release!

Posted on October 12, 2015 by Stevie Griffin

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