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The Heavens Tremble, 18"x18"

The Heavens Tremble, 18"x18"

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This is an original, acrylic painting on a birchwood panel signed by Teil and framed in a natural, maple floater frame.

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This release is my “Painting for a Purpose” series, which includes a collection of originals where the proceeds will go directly to five worthy non-profit organizations. Please read about the organizations below!

MercyMed is a medical clinic that cares for everyone that walks through their doors, insurance or not. They care for all people with a sense of awe knowing that Christ created every living person in His image and declared his creation “very good.” 

Truth Spring focuses on 3 main areas of community development: Housing, Education, and Workforce Development. Truth Spring Housing provides low-income families the opportunity to live in a quality, affordable home. Truth Spring Academy teaches students with their God-given destinies by providing a quality education, and Truth Spring Trade School is a 10 month, pay-to-learn, trade training program that teaches students a trade to earn a livable wage.”  

“God has called Safehouse Ministries to love and serve men and women experiencing addiction, homelessness, and/or incarceration as they transition back into our community.  We believe the success of our clients is based on building relationships with each other and with God. Together we can address immediate needs and move forward to restoring spiritual wellness, employment, sobriety, and housing.”

“The Golden Rule, is a long-term, residential treatment center for women who suffer from alcohol and/or other drug abuse/addiction.  Our spiritual program is based on the twelve steps of Alcoholics and Narcotics Anonymous. Through love, growth and understanding one's self,these women become changed individuals.”

“The Bo Bartlett Center at Columbus State University is a creative learning laboratory that is part gallery/museum, part experimental arts incubator, and part community center. The BBC has community outreach programs that help facilitate an inclusive environment by encouraging participation from diverse voices, and partner with other institutions to provide innovative exhibitions that deepens understanding of art through publications and public programming.”