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Painting for a Purpose: Downtown Academy, Athens, GA

The mission of Downtown Academy is "to provide children of inner-city Athens, Georgia an excellent and rigorous Christ-centered education that builds knowledge, character, and purpose. Providing small class sizes and high quality instruction, our children will continue to see academic growth and success that will equip them with the knowledge and learning skills required to achieve at any level. Infusing the day with the Gospel in both word and deed, our children grow in character to develop those traits that will empower them to set and achieve their goals, become leaders in their communities, families, and places of work.

However, we also understand that if our children grow up having acquired all the knowledge, riches, and power in the world yet do not understand that their ultimate purpose is to glorify God in humble obedience and love, they will have gained nothing at all. Orienting our purpose as a school around glorifying God by removing the geographic and economic barriers that keep so many children and families from such a quality education is one way we seek to love and obey as an organization."


Visit Downtown Academy's website for more information and see here if you are interested in giving financially to such a worthy cause.